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NBA 2K17: Kobe GOLD Edition Gets three Free of charge Agent Cards; NBA 2K16 Suit Dismissed

Star Wars: The Old Republic Netflix Series Petition May Gets Up to 200,000 Signatures

The Star Wars franchise has been as preferred as it really is ever been, breaking records at the box workplace and inspiring sure-to-be-huge games for instance the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II, but what about the Television? Sure, we've some quite exciting animated series, including the ... [more]

World of Warcraft: Legion returned for the Broken Shore with patch 7.2

Heroes of Azeroth, the Burning Legion is upon us when far more. While you and your allies stopped Gul'dan within the Nighthold, an even higher threat looms. Kil'jaeden himself is commanding the subsequent wave on the Legion's assault on Azeroth, meaning we're about to [more]

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Expansion on Xbox One

XBOX One exclusive Forza Horizon has revealed the following epic searching DLC expansion for the game inside a crazy searching partnership with Hot Wheels. Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion revealed with insane jumps and T-Rex! Forza Horizon three has announced it truly is subsequent epic ... [more]

NBA 2K18 Launches on the Nintendo Switch in September

Nintendo has just announced that the 2018 preferred basketball simulation game series "NBA 2K18" will be released in September 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. The announcement was posted on Nintendo's official web site. On the other hand, the distinct release date has not but been revealed. ... [more]

World of Warcraft Auction Home Dance Celebration & Trial of Style Event on PTR

The World of Warcraft PTR has been updated with new additions to the mid-tier v7.2.5 patch. Several new features have been added including the Auction Home Dance Celebration, a Trial of Style event, a new Pet Battle Dungeon and significant updates to several classes. In addition, the Black ... [more]

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